• JAIME RAISER • 19 mars 2018 16:48:26
    Dear Eklund ,

    I was looking for reindeer antlers when I came across with your website, actually just to say that your knives are beautiful, pure art and admirable design.
    Buy the way, I would like to ask if you know a place in Skelleftea where can I find also reindeer antlers?
  • Olli Ljokkoi • 7 november 2017 19:37:14
    Very nice knife. i am just beginning make knifes.

    Best regards Olli Ljokkoi
  • Erik Pihl • 3 september 2017 22:16:46
    Hej P-O, Your work is awesome! My father's family is from Luleå, Kålaboda and Kalix. My mother's father was from Styrnäs. I have a cousin who grew up in Skelefteå and he still has a summer house there. I live in the US and visit Sweden once a year or every other year. Will have to try and make it to Skelefteå some time. Do you still make kosor? I will keep my eye out for when your knives become available, or if you have a mailing list, please add me to it. Tack. Mvh, /Erik
  • Andrew Eklund • 8 maj 2017 19:36:30
    From one Eklund to another your knife led are amazing! Greetings from the USA
  • Hello Eklund. Thank's for your kindness.

    Greetings from Northern Sweden.

    9 maj 2017 19:32:28

  • Karel van Loo • 23 februari 2016 21:37:10
    Hi PO!

    Hello PO it was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to the blades.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Karel,
    I have started with the knives, and will send pictures during the working progress.


    24 mars 2016 11:30:01

  • Linda Tolbert • 17 oktober 2015 04:28:00
    I would like to purchase one of your half horn knives as a present for my husband. Can you please contact me when you have one available along with the retail price.

    Thank you!
  • Anders • 17 mars 2013 01:37:03
    Your knives are among the most beautiful I have ever seen. They are a great representation of Scandinavian culture, and of man's origin and his abilities. Thanks for showing them to the world.
  • John Scanlon • 2 mars 2013 16:18:54
    Amazing! beautiful! knives you present.
    I will send to you some skethes of my designs. I cannot make them. I think think they
    on the same level I see on your web site.
  • Per Larsmark • 23 februari 2013 19:53:17
    Hej PO. Vet inte om du minns mig. Sysslar lite med knivar själv, vardagaknivar men inget exklusivt. Imponeras av dina knivar. Gläds åt din framgång. Per Larsmark
  • Hej Per, Klart jag minns. Tack för dina uppmuntrande ord. Lycka till med knivmakeriet! //P-O

    26 februari 2013 08:53:42

  • Olav Skinnarland • 22 november 2012 04:21:56
    Vil gjerne bli informert når du har noko tilsalgs.
  • Sänd mig din mailadress kan jag skikca lite information till dig.

    8 januari 2013 07:28:57

  • F Viruez. • 8 november 2012 13:47:56
    He quedado maravillado con los preciosos cuchillos y navajas que nos muestra.
  • jon scanlon • 18 oktober 2012 01:05:43
    Your knives should be in museum's! It is clear you have a gift. Try something different, you never know the result. I am confident your efforts will be work to be treasured.
    Jon Scanlon USA
  • Thank you Jon for your kindness. All the best!

    26 oktober 2012 08:38:31

  • Andrey Horodnitskiy • 29 augusti 2012 14:37:36
    Very nice knives, especially full horn. I want to learn to do the same.
    Best regards from Ukraine
  • Thank´s Andrey. I am glad if you like the knives. Good luck!!

    Best regards!

    29 augusti 2012 21:45:25

  • Jean-Claude ZIMMER • 2 juli 2012 13:17:24
    I love Nordic knives, but your's are really the top of that kind of knives...
    I would like to be able to engrave like you... ;)
    Many greetings from France
  • Thank you Jean-Claude for your kind words. I am glad you like the knives. All the best!!

    5 juli 2012 21:28:01

  • Kjell Holmberg • 26 juni 2012 17:35:26
    Har Du någon helhornskniv i lager?
  • Hej Kjell,
    du har mail i din mailbox. // P-O

    27 juni 2012 07:47:15